Non-Fiction Books by Dr.Robert N. Crittenden

  • Politics of Change: A Brief History

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    This book focuses on the changing structure of society and government, viewed primarily in terms of the conflict between Western culture and its counter-cultures. 

    It begins in the Classical Period, with Aristotle, because he was the first to describe the Western system for society and government. Then, with its second chapter, it switches to a description of the "Eastern" viewpoint, which is neither Eastern nor Far Eastern but counter-cultural to the Western. Throughout the remainder of the book, the author switches back-and-forth, between culture and counter-culture, showing how each developed and eventually connecting them to the contemporary political agendas.

    About half of the book covers the twentieth century and its last five chapters lay out the major elements of the current political programs, as of the year 2000.

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    This book is highly structured, makes a complete statement and gives all the relevant definitions as it progresses. Although, its grammar and vocabulary are at the collegiate level, its sentences are in forward logic, which makes it accessible to most learning styles. 

    The author's orientation is Western, scientific and in the political center.



    My intention in writing this book was to describe the origin and basis of the major contemporary political programs. I trace their development in context, to provide a depth of understanding and background

    This book focuses on the driving factors: That is on those things which determine the structure of government. These are religion, economics, education, and science. But what is behind all of them is the nature of the human psyche and the relationship between personality and culture.